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The Pure Hart Cosmetics - Mineral Eye Shadows Review

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For the last time I was very busy and I did not have time to update my blog, but finally I prepared a review about Mineral Eye Shadow Makeup from Hart Cosmetics.

The Hart Cosmetics is on-line store where there sell natural and mineral make-up and skin care products. 

My favourite from them are Black Organic Mascara and Mineral Eye Shadows.
If someone is interested some time ago I wrote a review of this mascara. 

Blog post can be found here.

Ok, so let's get to the Eye Shadow review.

Mineral Eye Shadows:

Mica (CI77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Iron Oxides (CI77491, CI77493, CI77499), Ultramarines (CI77007)

Available shades: 28

Expiry date: 30M

Capacity/Price: 2g/ £11.50

Where to buy: Hart Cosmetics online

What producer says?

Our Mineral Eye Shadow Makeup if formulated with natural mineral ingredients that contain no preservatives or chemicals to irritate sensitive eyes. 

The Pure Hart Cosmetics Eye shadows are vibrant, long lasting and available in many beautiful colours. 

From soft to vivid, smoky to deep, we offer a wide range of stunning eye shadow shades with a lustrous, silken satin and matt finish.

Use dry for a soft effect and slowly build up the colour. Use a wet eye brush to create much deeper shades.

Or with a wet liner brush use as a powder eye liner. Easier to achieve than you think.

We are always adding to the eye shadow collection so keep watching for new shades.

All of the mineral make-up is 100% pure and suitable for all skin types including vegans.

  Here are some eye shadow tips and hints from producer:

  • Using a shade that contrasts with your eye colour will make the eye “pop” or stand out. If you match your eye colour, it will cancel out the look and colour of your eyes.
  • You can layer the eye shadows from the lightest hue to the deepest shade you desire. You control the depth of the shade.
  • Pure mineral eye shadows can be applied wet for a very dramatic look or dry for a softer natural look. 
  • Pure mineral eye shadow can multi-task too!
  • Use a fine brush to apply as an eye-liner (wet or dry).
  • Dip the end of a Lip Balm in them to create your own custom lip gloss or lip shade. This can be done with blush shades too!
  • Mix shades together to create your very own custom eye colour.
  • Mix a little natural coloured eye shadow powder with your body lotion to add some sparkle and shine to your skin.

The Pure Hart Cosmetics

Hart Cosmetics

Hart Cosmetics

Hart Cosmetics

Hart Cosmetics

Hart Cosmetics

Hart Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Hart Cosmetics eyeshadow

Hart Cosmetics eyeshadow review

The Pure Hart Cosmetics - Mineral Eye Shadows Review

The Pure Hart Cosmetics - Mineral Eye Shadows Review

What can I say about these eye shadows?

I have tested these eye shadows from over 4 months and I have to say they are amazing! The shadows are well pigmented and long lasting. 

They are available in 28 shades. The range of shades is wide, most of the colours are shiny but there are matte shades too.

You can find there all the necessary colours to create the daily or evening eye make-up. The eye shadows can be used on dry or wet. 

I think that the best thing about them is that we can mix the colours together and get what you want. If you want to get the glossy wet eye effect - mix them with Vaseline. The effect is gorgeous!

Also these eye shadows can be used as a lipstick or lip gloss. Just add the lip balm or lip gloss to the selected shade. 


  • Well pigmented
  • 100% Mineral 
  • Good for sensitive eyes, does not irritate them
  • Long lasting- I had them all day and evening without any touch up
  • Efficiency - 2g pack is enough for a few months
  • Can be used on dry or wet
  • You can mix the colours together 
  • Multi-tasking- you can use them as a lipstick too. 

  • I did not notice any disadvantages. 

This is how I look with these lovely eye shadows

I used Goldmoon and Truffle shades and Organic Black Mascara form Hart Cosmetics.
Hart Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow Review

Hart Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow Review

I just fell in love with these lovely Mineral Eye Shadows! <3

If you would like to try them, here is the link to the website:

See you in next post :)

Kasia x

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