Monday, 29 April 2013

Sleek MakeUp Brow Kit Light 817 Review

When I am doing the make-up my attention is focuses on the eyes. I like to have emphasized and well-shaped eyebrows. I can go out without foundation on the face, but for me the eye make-up is a must. 
I bought this product because I am trying to make my eyebrows thicker and I needed something to fill them. Finally decided to try out something from Sleek.
I have heard it is a good quality cosmetic company. So the first product, which I bought from them is set for the eyebrows.

Description of Producer:

Sleek MakeUP’S Brow Kit;the ultimate accessory for perfect brows.
Set includes pigmented wax for modelling, setting powder, mini tweezers, angle and blending brushes.

To use: Use the pigment wax to define and shape the brows using the angled brush. Then set with powder using the blending brush.

Tip: Use the enclosed tweezers to clean up stray hairs!!

Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit is practical and handy set of brow styling.

The set contains a shadow for styling the eyebrows, pigmented wax for modelling, angled brush for applying wax, rounded brush for shadow application, tweezers and mirror placed in an elegant box.

Brow Kit comes in 4 shades: Light 817, Dark 818, Extra Dark 819 and Black 820.

Producer recommends to put the wax first and then use the shadow to shape the eyebrows. 

However, you can also mix wax with shadow and apply the mixture on brows straight away.

I have applied the wax first and then used shadow. I was using my own eyebrow brush because I do not like the brushes from this kit because they are too short. 

I have noticed two disadvantages.
The handles of brushes are too short and tweezers is totally useless, you cannot catch any hair. 

But let's talk about the benefits. The first, most important advantage is the good pigmentation and persistence on the eyebrows throughout the day, without any fixes. 

Wax and shadow does not smudge. 

Another point in favour is the kit design. 
I just love the black box with mirror, it is very handy; fits in any handbag. 

As for this is the one of my favourite products for professional styling of eyebrows. 

I thoroughly recommend this set.

I have found products from Sleek are mostly of good quality and affordable price.

Definitely I will buy other cosmetics from this company.

Where to

Price: £8.49 /3.8g

Have you tried this kit ? What do you think about Sleek ?

Kasia x


  1. hey ive tried the sleek brow kit and i found it to be okay ! but i would get alot of fallout on my brush and it would go all over my face :L . so i tried using a more expensive brand and the urban decay brow kit in brown sugar caught my attention . I have it about 1 year now and i still havnt hit pan even though i use it everyday ! , its amazing ! maybe if you have money to burn give it a shot if :)

  2. Hi Nadia :) I heard that the Urban Decay has a really good cosmetics, especially eye shadows palettes. Do you know where can I buy these products ?

  3. Great post! I never really paid much attention to my own brows until I am getting older they are looking more sparse.

    1. Thank you Keisha :)

      I think that eyebrows play an important role in our appearance.
      You can make you look younger if you take care of the right shape and thickness of your eyebrows x



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