Friday, 12 April 2013

Actus Reus (Guilty Act) - BTS

Last Sunday, I had a pleasure to work as a Make-up Artist with a very talented Photographer Velar Grant on her new photo project called "Actus Reus" (Guilty Act).

Actus Reus ( Guilty Act) is her new photo project inspired by history of violence and genesis of suicide in a very narrow perspective.

Photo-shoot was based on art of pantomime, theatre and Caravaggio's famous painting "David and Goliath" and took place in Espero Studio,located in the heart of Brick Lane, London.

Here is a Promo Video of the project:

                                                          And pictures from backstage:

mime makeup

Time for make-up... :)

Models: Wojtek and Piotr

Model: Paula 

Pictures are coming soon on

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