Monday, 25 March 2013

Clown Make-up Look

Hello guys :)

Today I just wanted to share with you my make-up work of a Clown. 

I am studying Theatrical Special Effects and Hair and Media Make-up 
at West Thames College and all students from my group had a "Clown Exhibition" last week. 

We had to create a clown-look inspired by "Cirque Du Soleil" 

This is my face chart for this look:

To create this make-up I mostly used products from Kryolan. 

My make-up station
First, I blocked the eyebrows with spirit gum and wax. 

If your model has thick, dark brows you should put a D32 (Kryolan Derma Colour Mini Palette) or you can use an orange creamy base (Supra Color Palette) on brows before applying white on face. 

This will help to cover the eyebrows completely. 

After that, I've applied the Supra Colour white, creamy base on my model's face. 

Next, I painted the eyebrows and put green and yellow eye shadows. I have added a green glitter on the eyes and red on top of the nose. 

During the exhibition day, I have revised my face chart and decided to cover lips with just a black heart shape instead of creating the red outline around them. 

At the end I have applied false eyelashes from Get Lashed London.  

To complete the clown image, I've attached an orange wig and I put a rainbow coloured hat on my model :)

And this is my final look:

Clown Make-up by Kasia Goncik

Kasia x


  1. Awesome job!!

  2. Awesome! Love the touch of glitter.

    Question: did you use black makeup or lipstick on the lips? If makeup (like clown paint), how did that work for you (last, taste, was it a paint to maintain)


    1. Kasia Goncik02/11/2013 22:42
      Hi Kiosashi!
      Thank you for the kind words about my work :)
      On my model I have used the Supracolor Palette of Kryolan with the black shade.
      It wasn't super lasting; the paint was coming off and has been smeared quickly.
      Also the taste was not very nice. I had to use that because I did not have anything else at that time. I would like to buy very dark black lipstick but I do not know where ?
      Maybe you know where can I get the black long lasting lipstick ?

      Kasia x



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